Our Mission

Communities for Recovery is a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas that supports long-term recovery for people with substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions by partnering with communities to provide volunteer peer supported recovery programs and services.

Our 80+ Peer Support Volunteers share the message of recovery with others in the earliest stages of recovery by providing a bridge between professional treatment and long-term recovery through our programs and services that include “Back to Basics”, “Dual Disorders Recovery Achievers”, “Cross-Talk”, “Family Cross-Talk”, and Peer Recovery Coaching.

We focus our efforts on the newcomers or renewcomers, be they current patients, former patients or those from the general public, who come to Communities for Recovery for relief from the disease of substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our primary objective is to link the newcomers and/or patients with our Peer Support Volunteers before they discharge from professional treatment. Our Peer Support Volunteers provide the clients with tools to use in transitioning from “inside” the treatment environment to “outside,” into the everyday activities of life.

We work specifically with people suffering from alcoholism, substance use and with those who have both substance use and a co-occurring mental health condition (dual diagnosis). 


Our services and programs include:

  • Peer to Peer Recovery Coaching

  • “Back to Basics” Accelerated 12-Step Educational Program

  • “DDRA” (Dual Disorders Recovery Achievers) Accelerated 12-Step Educational Program

  • “Family Cross Talk” Family Peer-to-Peer Informational Support Groups

  • “Cross Talk” Peer Based Informational Support Groups

  • Programing and Coaching for Mothers through our Women and Children’s Program
  • “TYA Cross Talk” Peer Based Support Groups for Teens and Young Adults

  • 12 Step Peer Based Mutual Support Groups

  • 12 Step Peer Based Spiritual Support Groups


Joint Commission Accreditation


“Volunteering at Communities for Recovery has made me the best version of myself and I know how important it is to give back to stay clean and sober. I am now proud of myself and that feeling DOES NOT come in a pill!” – Kelly